Viral News: Naked Woman Drives Golf Cart Through Crime Scene After Crashing Armed Standoff in Florida, Arrested

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A 'completely nude', 28-year-old woman, Jessica Smith, drove her golf cart through a major clash between the police officers and an armed suspect in Florida on Sunday. In the bizarre world of viral news and trending topics, this woman hogged the limelight with her 'adventurous ride, which eventually got her handcuffed (we really hope, that's not another kinky dream of her)! According to Fox13, this woman abruptly barged into the crime scene without wearing any clothes. She was arrested for not complying with cops' instructions while resisting the officers without violence.

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The bizarre incident occurred when the cops were in the middle of a six-hour standoff with the suspects when the naked woman, reportedly from Boston, crashed the crime scene in Dunedin, West Tampa on Sunday midnight. She had nothing to do with the incident and was claimed to have consumed alcohol as the familiar smell reeked through her body. Bikini-Clad Woman With Mask Walks Through Miami Airport! Viral Video of Bizarre Moment Leaves Netizens Bewildered.

For the armed standoff, the police officers were trying to investigate the location and we're looking for suspicious teenagers, who fled the area as soon as the officers arrived. As per reports, one of the teenagers tried firing the gun but shot himself instead in the foot while trying to escape the crime scene. He then sparked the armed standoff by climbing the roof of a house against the police officers. That moment, naked Smith drove through the scene on a golf cart out of nowhere and crashed the law enforcement perimeter.

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The affidavit filed by the Pinellas County sheriff's office against Smith stated, "The defendant has a distinct odour of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person, and he was completely nude." Smith, who went past several cars and ignored verbal instructions to stop once she interrupted the crime scene, refused to comment anything regarding the matter. She was handcuffed at the scene and was arrested by the law enforcement officers, who charged her for resisting commands by the high-profile officers. Reports claim that she was released on Monday but no confirmation has been surfaced yet.

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