'Virgin River' Fans Have a Shocking Theory About Charmaine

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'Virgin River' Fans Deliver Shocking Reddit TheoryCourtesy of Netflix

With Virgin River season 5 part 2 just around the corner, it's hard to think there are more plot twists hidden in our favorite Netflix drama, right? Well, folks have thoughts about one particular storyline, and the theory they just dropped online has us completely gobsmacked.

As viewers remember in the beginning of season 5 part 1, Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) learns that he is not the biological father to Charmaine Roberts' (Lauren Hammersley) twin sons (as a reminder, at the end of season 5 part 1, fans learn that the real father of the twins is local gang leader Calvin). While he and fiancée Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) experience their own miscarriage later on in the season, the trailer for the upcoming final episodes show Charmaine finally going into labor. But with Virgin River known to deliver many shockers along the way, seeing the sneak peek had some fans on Reddit coming up with a dark plot twist.

"It would be so ridiculous if that happened! But I can see it now... Charmaine dies, Jack and Mel adopt the twins and Calvin goes after them in secret, of course because nobody else knows he's alive," one person wrote.

Some viewers agreed, although they revealed it would be devastating if the theory came true. "As soon as they gave Mel the miscarriage I’m like oh god, [they're] going to have Charmaine die in childbirth aren’t they," a different follower replied. "I agree. I will be disgusted if they kill Charmaine off so Jack and Mel can have her babies," another said.

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Although we won't know exactly what happens until season 5 part 2 drops on Netflix, we do know that producer Patrick Sean Smith told Glamour that things will be geared in a more uplifting direction to round out the latest installment.

"The holiday episodes are a little bit lighter, and we wanted to play a little more comedy after the weight of this season,” he told the outlet in early October. "It felt like, if we're going to give a holiday gift to the audience, let's make it a fun one."

Now that's something we can all get on board with.

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