Virtual keyboard for smartphones among Samsung 'C-Lab' projects coming to CES

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Virtual keyboard for smartphones among Samsung 'C-Lab' projects coming to CES


On Sunday, Samsung announced that five successful innovative projects developed by its C-Lab inside team,  including a "smart highlighter that digitalizes analog texts from paper onto mobile devices," will be showcased at this year's CES 2020.

Yesterday, Samsung announced that its in-house incubation program C-Lab Inside -- launched in 2012 and designed to promote the development of innovative employee ideas -- has created five successful technologies primarily intended to bolster healthy lifestyles. The following collection of projects-turned-spinoffs will be demonstrated at CES 2020.


SelfieType is a virtual full-size keyboard for smartphones, which uses AI to analyze finger movements coming from the front camera, then converts them into QWERTY keyboard inputs. Essentially, no matter which angle your phone is positioned at or what size keyboard you're envisioning your fingers typing on, the tool will understand your finger taps and convert them to letters.


This smart highlighting marker will track the content being highlighted, digitize it and transfer it onto mobile devices.


Becon is a mobile service consisting of an app and handheld diagnostic device that offers users recommendations on how to prevent and reduce hair loss. Based on information about the scalp such as follicle density, dead skin count and skin sensitivity, collected via the device, the mobile application will recommend a solution to the user and track the scalp's wellbeing.


SunnySide is a device that can be installed on a wall like a picture frame. It looks like a window and provides users with artificial sunlight just as if it were a real window, with the light changing every hour to imitate an entire day of full-spectrum sunlight. It even helps users get a dose of vitamin D without the negative side effects of staying in the sun like skin aging or sun burning.

Ultra V

Ultra V is a sensor and service that tracks the ultraviolet rays a user is exposed to on a daily basis, and gives them information about the condition of their skin and vitamin D intake. It can be integrated into wearable devices like smartwatches so that people can monitor their present skin states.

All five projects will be unveiled in Las Vegas during this year's CES show, which runs January 7 to 10. 2020 will mark the fifth year that Samsung's C-Lab has participated in the event.