Virtual reality cafe serves up escape for Gaza youth

STORY: Welcome to Gaza’s first virtual reality gaming café

serving up a fantasy world of action, music and sports

The cafe provides an escape for those living in the sealed-off territory

who have little or no opportunity to travel

[Yousef al-Qadri / Customer]

"Different places, hills, seas, oceans and different cities, places that are impossible for us to reach as people living in the Gaza strip, we know for sure that we will not reach them. Therefore I come here and put on the head gear and have my freedom in this reality, and go wherever I please."

"Despite all we see in the strip, in all aspects of life, this place enables us to let out negative energy and gain positive energy, after you put on the head gear, you leave in a state that is very different from what you entered with."

[Nisreen Shamlakh / Customer]

"It is a very nice and enjoyable feeling, and very exciting. It is imaginary and a shift from the reality we live in to a great place, it is really a virtual reality."