Visibly intoxicated taxi passenger makes a proper fool of himself even after the cops were called in

Ah, drunken shenanigans. A highly intoxicated young man had the cops called on him in the wee hours of the morning when he caused a bit of mischief while heading to Serangoon in the back of a Comfort DelGro taxi.

According to the cabbie who goes by the name of CK. Tiong on Facebook, he stopped at the traffic junction of Ang Mo Kio Street 61 and Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 at 3am last Friday after two men flagged his taxi down. One man got into the taxi, while the other told the cabbie to send his companion to Block 305 Serangoon Avenue 2.

And so the cabbie did — but he only made it until Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5. According to Tiong’s recollection of the incident to a STOMP reporter in his Facebook post, the passenger started spitting in the back seat and on the floor before opening the rear door. When the cabbie slowed down, the man got out of the cab and “drunkenly walked to the middle of the road”.

Concerned for his safety, Tiong mentioned that he managed to pull the drunken man back into his cab. But the latter opened the rear door once again and got out. That was when he called for the cops for assistance and looked out for incoming vehicles for the passenger’s safety.

According to videos Tiong uploaded, he managed to park his taxi next to a bus stop, but the drunken dude — appearing to be piss drunk — made a right fool of himself by climbing on the vehicle and wrecking the dash cam.

The damaged dash cam. Photo: CK. Tiong / Facebook

At one point, the man allegedly assaulted the cabbie, punching him in the back when he was talking to a person sitting at the bus stop. Tiong also stated that the passenger spat in his face.

Photo: Facebook screengrab


The cops were called once again, and soon, two patrol cars arrived at the scene. The man’s drunken shenanigans continued, even as the cops tried to handle the situation.

Photo: C K. Tiong / Facebook

Tiong mentioned to the cops that he didn’t want to press charges, but after seeing “how he make a monkey out of all of (them)”, he decided to do so. The police have since classified the case as one of voluntarily causing hurt, and investigations are currently ongoing.