Visit the Upside-Down in This ‘Stranger Things’ Haunted House

One family really turned it up to Eleven with their Stranger Things haunted house. Matt Hawkins (no relation to Hawkins, Indiana, the fictitious setting of the Netflix series… because people aren’t related to towns) created the walk-through experience with the help of his family and some special effects artist friends.

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Upon entering the house, you are taken on a 10-minute trip into the Upside-Down, the alternate dimension that the characters become trapped in, and from which they communicate via Christmas lights.

The eight-part homage to ‘80s horror inspired numerous Halloween costumes, such as the Christmas lights wall, Police Chief Jim Hopper, and, of course, touching tributes to the gone and mostly forgotten Barb. There were also plenty of Elevens this year, because the best costumes come with their own snack accessories.

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