Vivian Dawson "can't" marry Jolin

Lester Gan Wai Lun
Vivian Dawson "can't" marry Jolin

16 Nov – Model Vivian Dawson had a slip of the tongue and accidently revealed that he "can't" marry pop diva Jolin Tsai, but he quickly retracted his answer when he sensed that his answer was inappropriate, according to the May Daily website.

The pair has been dating passionately for over a year, despite that, Jolin's parents still disapproves of Vivian and instead tries to set her up with other guys.

Vivian said they are happy together now and their "feelings" are most important. However, if there's anything he needs to worry about would be the huge income gap between them.

Jolin has raked in a total of NT $624 million (SG $26 million) this year from commercial performances, endorsements and concerts without having to release a new album whereas Vivian is expected to pull in a mere NT $2 million (SG $85,000) for his modeling gigs.