Vlogger Nas Daily praises Singaporean parking etiquette, Malaysians beg to differ

Tan Mei Zi
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    Tomyam King
    I don't know about parking but one thing Malaysian drivers need to do is respect the zebra crossing. I don't mean the ones with traffic lights that goes red amber green. Using the zebra crossing in Malaysia is more dangerous than bungee diving. 99% of the time the drivers won't stop. If a driver stops, the other drivers behind will honk at him. In Singapore, cars will invariably stop for you to cross even if there are no lights.
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    Most of these drivers are ex-Malaysians/Malaysians with Singapore PR who come back to Malaysia to visit their families/relatives. Not many true blue Singaporeans (kiasi and kiasu) dare to venture driving to Malaysia due to security reasons. Most only go across to JB for groceries/food.
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    well, even if those cars are from Singapore, it does not mean the drivers are Singaporeans. But for your information, Singaporeans and PR of Singapore are not allowed to drive foreign registered vehicles in Singapore.
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    LOL that is a good comeback Nas! Which essentially means he stands corrected cause Malaysian aint gonna let any Israelis into their country. Nas you should look at how malaysia lorry drivers drive in Singapore too.
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    Easily half the Singapore plate cars in Malaysia are driven by Malaysians with Singapore PR anyway.
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    I am a sporean & drive in Malaysia, Malaysia car use to drive very fast like there is no tomorrow. Some how I understand, Malaysia is a Large country, we cannot expect them to drive like sporean 70 or 90km/hr at most, they have to go fast to get things done in a day. It is ok to give way to them.
    Some Sporean drive 60-70 at a 90km in Spore expressway, hence cause jam during peak hour if you observe. There is always 1 bloody car in most front that cause all slowdown and unwilling to F off from the lane.
    It is time for Spore to review Express highway to 100km/hr.
    May be a Slow speed Camera - time to install - another revenue.
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    I think many malaysians didn't realise is that those cars are driven by malaysians who are Singapore PR :)
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    When in Rome, do what the Roman do. This is almost always very true to try assimilate to the local culture, law and behaviors. You don't have to argue or bring out outlier cases. Just drive down the lanes with a video recording and you will see the true daily happening on the roads. Plain simple.
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    Sour grapes la
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    just laugh it off la. don't need to get into an debate