These ‘Volkspods’ Are Part VW Beetle, Part Scooter for the Coolest Ride Out There

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Instagram @walter_werks

From Country Living

Brent Walter started working on his ‘Volkspod’ in early 2019. He began building the scooter by cutting and welding four Volkswagen Beetle fenders together. That was just the beginning, of course, but the finished product left many asking how they could get one of the cool creations for themselves.

Over the next few months, the handmade VW scooter received a motor, taillight, duplicated VW gas cap, and coat of turquoise paint. By May 2019, Brent was taking it on its first ride. This kind of craftsmanship runs in the family, as Brent described next he would update his grandpa’s original Walter Weks scooter from 1958 for his dad.

Brent began building the second Volkspod, this time finished with blue paint, in July 2019. The Instagram page @walter_werks, where the process is documented, has a real following now of people anxiously waiting to see the progress, and inquiring about getting their own. Can you blame? Just look how sleek they are! We’d drive to work on one if we could.

“Are you taking serious orders? I would love to get a Volkspod,” one person commented. “How do I get one?” asked another. While it doesn’t appear that Brent is taking orders, he did start building Volkspod number three in November. And we bet people are looking forward to seeing which color this one will be.

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