Volkswagen spices up its electric ID Buzz with a speedy, all-wheel-drive GTX version


Volkswagen has injected some performance chops into its electric ID Buzz with the announcement of a new GTX variant. It's the most powerful Bulli of all time, offering up to 340hp (an increase of around 134hp over the standard model) thanks to a new 4Motion all-wheel-drive system.

The shapely people mover, which is a futuristic take on the classic Bulli van of the 1950s, now accelerates from a standstill to 62mph in just 6.5 seconds and goes on to a limited top speed of 99mph – not exactly mind-blowing, but a 9mph increase on the standard model.

Surprisingly, VW will offer the GTX in both standard and long wheelbase options, which gives you the choice of carting five, six or seven humans around at those greater speeds.


The powertrain now consists of an 80kW motor that drives the front axle and a 210 kW motor at the rear, which not only delivers improved performance specs but also allows for a greater towing capacity. The Buzz GTX is capable of pulling 1,800kg behind it, while the long wheelbase model can only manage 1,600kg.

Rather that fit this warmed-up variant with gigantic front splitters and wild spoilers, Volkswagen has instead opted to play down the sporting intentions. The only real changes can be seen inside the cabin, where you’ll find a black headliner, red stitching to the seats and steering wheel, as well as some GTX badging throughout.

Perhaps more importantly, the model receives the VW Group’s latest infotainment hardware, which includes an optional head-up display and the latest 12.9-inch touchscreen infotainment system with an illuminated touch bar, so you can operate key functionality at night.

What’s more, the infotainment package introduces ChatGPT integration and improvements to the IDA voice assistant, which can now handle more key vehicle operations with natural language prompts.

There's no concrete word on price, but considering the base model starts at £59,000 (around $75,000 / AU$114,000), you can expect VW to demand a lot more for this well-specced GTX version.

Range anxiety


Volkswagen is yet to reveal official range figures, only going so far as to say the GTX will charge from 0-80 per cent in 26 minutes using the appropriate DC fast chargers. The base model manages an official range figure of 258-miles, for context.

But we found during ID Buzz testing that electric range was one of the biggest disappointments, with long motorway journeys sapping that estimated figure considerably. At three tonnes, it’s a heavy bus to shift and its slab-sidedness does little for aerodynamic efficiency.

Although news of a warmed-up version will be welcomed by those who want a little extra performance – or towing ability – increased range from the battery packs would arguably be a more favorable outcome.

Volkswagen’s Bulli has always been the ultimate freedom machine, a camper van, a road-tripping hippy wagon and a surf exploration partner. In our experience, we found the constant need to charge the thing proved the ultimate Buzz kill.

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