Vonnie Lui: "Nothing underneath!"

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Vonnie Lui: "Nothing underneath!"

25 Mar: Busty Hong Kong porn star Vonnie Lui Hoi Yan replied that she "wasn't wearing anything underneath" when it was pointed out that she wasn't dressed sexily enough for a "3D Sex And Zen: Extreme Ecstasy" press conference at the Film and Television Market (FILMART) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai earlier this week.

She plays the Elder of Bliss in the upcoming Category III flick, also starring Japanese pornstars Yukiko Suo and Saori Hara.

Lui said: "In the movie I'm a sex expert but in real life I can barely meet my boyfriend's needs. I sure do learn from watching videos. I have seen Saori Hara and Yukiko Suo's work. I feel Saori Hara's eyes are very attractive. Although I'm a woman, I'm attracted to her! In comparison to them, I'm definitely just a rookie."

Earlier in the month, the 27-year-old "Slim Till Dead" and "Love Education" starlet was involved in an eye-popping promotion for the new 3D porno – she was at an event which sold peculiar mouse pads featuring her image and also tangible 2D pop-up breasts, fashioned in her likeness.

Recently, she also claimed she has lost her iPhone 4 and about 100 explicit photos that were in it, all of which are being forwarded around the world on the Internet, according to Sohu and Apple Daily.