VW confirms some ID. Buzz GTX specs, additional variants

A Volkswagen executive offered details of the new performance-oriented ID.Buzz GTX — the forthcoming model that will top the electric bus's model line. R&D boss Kai Gruenitz told Autocar that the "cool high-performance version" will be powered by a dual-motor setup producing 250 kW (335 horsepower).

335 horses may not seem like much by performance EV standards, but it's a step up from VW's other existing GTX model, based on the ID.4. The little all-wheel drive crossover offers 295 horsepower — again, respectable, but certainly not eye-opening. We also don't get that variant here, though our Pro model (dual-motor, AWD) offers the same powertrain without the enthusiast details (unique front and rear bumpers, X-shaped tail lights, a grey contrast roof finish, a pronounced roof spoiler, "X Blue" interior trim elements and of course some "GTX" badges). Gruenitz said the ID.Buzz GTX will receive a similar aesthetic treatment.

We've been told not to expect either the GTX nameplate or its unique styling cues to come stateside on the ID.4, but with Volkswagen's electrification plans evolving almost by the day, we can't say for certain whether the same will hold true for the ID.Buzz. Per Autocar, though, there's no sense holding your breath just yet. Europe isn't expecting this variant until 2025; any potential introduction here would very likely lag that timeline.

Gruenitz also confirmed details of the forthcoming long-wheelbase, three-row model — something that should definitely be relevant to American interests. It will be nearly 10 inches (25 cm) longer than the standard-wheelbase model and offer true seven-passenger seating with removable rear seats and pivoting second-row captain's chairs. A "California" camper model is officially in development too. Take that, Model X.

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