From waistcoats to Wrigley's: this week's fashion trends

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Going up

Walter Mercado’s waistcoats The late celebrity psychic, and star of a new Netflix show, had some exceptionally jazzy ones in his wardrobe.

Unboxing IRL That strange Gen Z trend of watching strangers unpack their boxes on YouTube, except with online groceries (and in the kitchen).

LNB Pro A aka the French basketball league. Now featuring one Ovie Soko, playing for Le Mans Sarthe. Bucket hats? C’est un slam dunk.

Laetitia Ky The Rodin of hair sculptors, currently collaborating with Marc Jacobs.

The History of Manned Space Flight, by David Baker As seen via Zoom on Tom Hanks’s bookshelf. Into the meta-nerdiness of this.

Going down

Wrigley’s chewing gum packets
Goodbye, minty freshness. Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Guardian

Wrigley’s Chewing-gum sales are down because of an unprecedented decline in snogging during lockdown.

WFH It’s all about “working from holiday” (also, confusingly, known as WFH).

Farrow & Ball Who needs kitchen cabinets in Stiffkey blue when you can decorate yours with green fusilli, a la Gigi Hadid.

Chanel Particulière Whatever shade of green the “dancing kid” is wearing on his nails in the Celine show TikTok, we want it.

Maskhole Not wearing a mask? You know who you are.