Waive stall rental for hawkers, Gerakan leader tells Penang

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    Penang Gerakan vice chairman urged the state government to waive stall rental fees for hawkers at council owned food courts here because today marked the 10th year since Pakatan Harapan took over the administration.That is a very,very good idea.Why Gerakan did not think of that during their time controling the administration for more than 50 years?
    Is it alot easier for DAP to imprement it than under Gerakan.
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    It has come the time that Malaysian women must mobilize and galvanize themselves through their own women's political party which serves as an effective and powerful political platform to articulate, struggle and fight for all women rights and social justice. The women party should put up majority women candidates to contest in any a general election ! Only through politics and political power of a very vocal and visible women platform can assist women to achieve positive things they always want - not what the men want them to want! Otherwise it is very difficult -all talk and no action by the men !
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    Lapdog Gelakan, first tell your boss to waive GST in Malaysia and consumers have more money in their pockets to spend!
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    Cheap publicity ....
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    Waiving rental unable to cover the loses due to GST. Those already own an outlet and those operate "illegal stalls", feel the pinch of GST. RM44 billions were taken away from rakyats.
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    Which hawkers in Penang make lost? Even make profit also say lost. If can free rental better
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    Why Gelakan dont ask the Federal Goverment make all TOLLS to be free
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    So clever when Gelakan was in power why did not do that ! Stupid suggestions there will be more hawkers than customers lah fool!