The Walking Dead: Father Gabriel's comic book death is about to happen to someone else in the show

Jacob Stolworthy
AMC Studios

The penultimate episode of The Walking Dead season 10 just set up a gruesome comic book death that will happen in the finale.

*Spoilers follow – you have been warned*

While the 15th episode will serve as the AMC show’s temporary finale until work can be completed on the last episode, fans can expect action galore when it finally does return – and the death of a character who has been around since the show’s seventh season.

At this stage in Robert Kirkman’s comic books, it’s Father Gabriel who meets his maker after Beta disembowels him and leaves him to be devoured by a horde of walkers.

He’s standing watch when Beta leads an army of Whisperers to the tower the survivors are currently holed up in, and – after alerting the others – he slips and dangles from a ladder as the walkers descend.

“You should have whispered,” Beta – played in the show by Ryan Hurst – says before killing him.

However, season 10 has continually switched things up from the source material and the character currently in Gabriel’s place at this particular moment is Dianne, one of Ezekiel’s most loyal soldiers.

While not a main cast member, Kerry Cahill has been one of the most prominent recurring stars since her first appearance in 2016. Gabriel has been played by Seth Gilliam since the show’s fifth season.

The episode even highlights Gabriel’s security shift has ended, with the priest telling Dianne: “Your turn to watch.”

It is currently unknown when the final episode will air, but its trailer sees the return of a fan favourite character – watch it here.

The Walking Dead airs in the US on AMC – the penultimate episode is available to watch in the UK tonight (6 April) on FOX and NOW TV.

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