Wall of shame: Yishun beauty store dedicates wall spotlighting shoplifters (Video)

A crime is a crime, according to this petty beauty store in Yishun that filled its wall full of close-ups of shoplifters even after they were caught.

Tik Tok user Syapls yesterday shared the wall of shame that showed laminated photos of at least 16 shoplifters at a Venus Beauty outlet in Northpoint City.

“Yall… I know this is to stop shop lifters but man If im in that i would be super embarrassed


,” Syapls wrote.

@syapls Yall… I know this is to stop shop lifters but man If im in that i would be super embarrassed


#tiktoksg#asian#shoplifters#walloffame♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

The wall had screenshots from the store’s surveillance cameras that circled the alleged thieves in red and edited into comic strips with cartoonish characters. A whole other section displayed frames with plagues of notable shoplifters who got caught.

“This shop has a wall of people stealing, not wall of fame uh,” the user said in the video.

Some examples from the photos showed a woman caught after stealing for two consecutive days and a gang of three partnering up to steal perfume “by putting it inside the other guy’s bag.”

The video garnered over 70,000 views at the time of publication.

Commenters on TikTok were equally amused by the wall, with some praising the store for its creativity.

One user realized that the staff’s proactiveness might be because they are always on the lookout for thieves.

“No wonder everytime i step in they suddenly very interested at what im looking for.


,” Bencooper wrote.

Another joker said they want their photo up on the wall as well, while others think that catching the thieves might be another side job for the staff.

“[D]o the staffs have some sort of side quest bonus on how many they can catch the thieves


,” Noir wrote.

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