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The 10 best beauty gifts you can get at Walmart

Pumpkin face mask, lip balm, blow dry brush
These are some beautiful buys! (Photo: Walmart)

Whether you're shopping for your best friend who you know like the back of your hand or are struggling to find the just-right present for your mother-in-law, Walmart's beauty gifts make the decision easy. There's something for everyone on your list — cleanser and moisturizer minimalists and beauty devotees alike. From a nail polish set or headband organizer for your trendy teen niece to a face mask or hair removal device for your bestie, who knows her exfoliating acids, this beauty gift guide has something for everyone. So while you're swinging through the store (or site) to stock up on sugar for cookies and batteries for toys, add these gifts to your cart and cross another thing off your to-do list.

1. Give the gift of sleep and relaxation.

While we all wish we could give the gift of more time and less stress, this self-care kit is a step in the right direction. Dr. Teal's is a well-known and trusted brand for their range of bath soaks, salts and oils. This set is the ideal sampler of their line with epsom salt, foaming bath, body wash, bath oil and pillow spray. All of the items carry a soothing and sleep-inducing lavender scent that comes from essential oils. Not only is a bath relaxing, but lavender can help promote sleep and the formulas can also ease achy muscles and soften dry skin. That's a win-win-win for sure!
$40 at Walmart

2. Blow away present expectations.

This is one of the most viral beauty products of the last two years. But even better than buzz is the fact that this blow dry brush is worth all of the hype. The oval-shaped brush can dry and style hair in one step (hence the name) with a salon-quality result from the comfort of your very own bathroom. It features two heat and speed settings as well as a cool shot button, so you can control the power as well as set your style in place. No one multitasks better than a busy mom and she'll love the newfound ease of styling her hair in the mad morning rush.
$49 at Walmart

3. Buy the tools of the trade.

Any aspiring makeup artist will be overjoyed by this kit. The five-piece brush set has options for foundation, blush, contour, powder and eyeshadow. Real Techniques makes quality, long-lasting brushes with synthetic, easy-to-clean bristles. One reviewer called these "the real deal," adding: "I haven't purchased a Real Techniques brush set or sponge that I haven't truly loved and enjoyed using. The dampened sponge blends foundations in seamlessly. And the brushes pick up the exact amount of product you want and is soft when applying to your face and eyes. I will 100% be buying more Real Techniques brushes and beauty sponges." Best part: It's currently on sale.
$12 at Walmart

4. Give "beauty rest" a whole new meaning.

This is one of those gifts that nearly everyone on your list will love — and they won't have thought to put on their wishlist. With the central heating and cold temps sucking the moisture out of their skin, especially their lips, the soothing mask will be appreciated even more. This little pot is big on hydration thanks to a mix of hyaluronic acid, coconut oil and shea butter. Smear a thick layer on before bed and wake up with soft, smooth and supple lips by morning. One rave review said, "I loved this product so much that I ordered two more.. I convinced 3 family members to buy it also and we are all pleased with this product. I'm big about taking care of my lips and have done for so many years, this is an extra step to keep them softer. Love this lip mask!!"
$15 at Walmart

5. Start them on a nighttime skincare routine.

If anyone at your gift exchange is interested in starting a nighttime skincare routine, this is the kit to get them hooked. Retinol is a dermatologist-loved ingredient for anti-aging and maintaining healthy skin as it helps promote quicker cell turnover — sloughing off dead skin cells, unclogging pores and revving up collagen production. This dynamic duo of cleanser and moisturizer both contain the powerhouse ingredient. Hear it straight from the positive reviews: "I love the way face scrub is not gritty feeling like some others I have tried. My face felt clean and not dried out. The sculpting moisturizer is not oily or greasy feeling...I did a lot of research before deciding on Olay and the product lives up to the rave reviews."
$30 at Walmart

6. Share the antidote to winter dryness.

We all have that person on our list that we are super close with and yet struggle to buy a gift for — you know the one. Maybe they have obscure hobbies or always claim to not want or need anything. This kit is a great place to start. All skin types, even oily skin, need an extra dose of moisture in the winter. The cold, dry air outside and warm, dry air inside create a storm of parched, flaky skin. Burt's Bees draws on honey, shea butter and coconut oil throughout their products to wrap skin in a thick coat of moisture. You'll get trial sizes of five products in this set: Cleansing Cream, Milk and Honey Body Lotion, Coconut Foot Cream, Hand Salve and Beeswax Lip Balm. Gift soft, smooth skin from lips to toes.
$17 at Walmart

7. Gift a smart storage solution.

Your niece who's the queen of hair accessories will love the display-factor of this gift, while her parents, who are sick of finding her headbands everywhere, are going to appreciate the practicality. The size is large enough for a sizable headband collection yet small enough to fit on a dresser (9.50" x 5.55" x 5.35", to be exact). One customer said, "I have been struggling with a storage solution for my ever-growing headband collection. I was excited to find this clear headband organizer, it has made it so much easier." Disney fans will also love this idea: "I don’t think you’d call it an addiction, more like a collection — of many, many Disney mouse ear headbands! This holder is perfect-much better than stuffing them in a drawer," said one reviewer.
$13 at Walmart

8. Try a facial in a jar.

This is the perfect gift for your sister who gives you a full chemistry lesson every time she tries to explain the latest addition to her 12-step skincare routine. It's like a facial in a jar. The pumpkin enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids gently exfoliate off dead skin cells and gunk to reveal smooth, clear, glowy skin. It even has an esthetician stamp of approval: "As a licensed esthetician I love using this on my clients who want a good even exfoliation. The consistency is a bit gritty, so it feels nice applying it...The enzymes in it are amazing and you can definitely see the difference!"
$35 at Walmart

9. Wrap up a new manicure.

For your other sister who has a standing Sunday night DIY mani sesh, this set of new polishes will be much appreciated. She'll get five mini bottles of colored nail polish — black, red, white, and two frosty metallics (taupe and cream) — as well as a rapid dry clear top coat. One OPI nail polish will run about $11, so five small polishes for under $20 is a steal. The colors are so seasonally appropriate, you may be tempted to gift it early.
$19 at Walmart

10. Keep stray facial hairs at bay.

If you, like many women, find hair cropping up on your face and want it gone — this is an excellent solution. Unlike razor shaving or waxing, which can cause nicks or cuts or is painful, the Finishing Touch is pain-free and easy to use. Simply move the device in a constant circular motion over any unwanted hairs, including peach fuzz, ungroomed brows or stray upper lip or chin hairs. The device is chic-looking, has a built-in light and is just a bit larger than a lipstick tube — the perfect replacement for your glove box tweezers (car lighting is the real illuminator for stray hairs). Over 1,000 five-star reviews can't be wrong, saying: "I was blown away by this little hair removal tool!! It's so easy to use and it left my skin feeling incredible soft and hairless. I love how compact it is and how easily I can store it away."
$13 at Walmart

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