Wang Feng's ex-girlfriend not happy with news of another child

20 Nov– Netizens are speculating that Chinese model Ge Huijie was bashing her ex-boyfriend Wang Feng again in a now-deleted Weibo post.

As reported on Singtao, in a tirade on social media, the 32-year-old Ge ranted about someone "spreading" his seeds everywhere.

"Based on your character, do you happen to have more children born out of wedlock? You're not a king. Please look after your own daughter first," she wrote.

Although she mentioned no names, many speculated that Ge was talking about Wang, especially since the post was published a few days after the singer's wife Zhang Ziyi announced that she is pregnant with their second child.

Netizens believe that the model, who gave birth to Wang's daughter Apple out of wedlock back when she was 18, may be insinuating that the singer only wants to have a lot of children but has no intention to take care of them at all.

Wang already has three daughters with three different women, including seven-year-old Jingyi from second wife Kang Zuoru and three-year-old Xing Xing from his third marriage with Zhang. He was also once married to TV hostess Qi Dan, though the couple have no child together.

(Photo Source: China Times)