Want to Map Covid Jab Efficacy? Govt to Soon Launch ‘Vaccine Tracker’ With Weekly Updates

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Soon, you will be able to track the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines online. The Centre on Thursday announced the launch of an online "Covid vaccine tracker" that will give weekly updates on vaccine effectiveness and deaths despite their use.

"The tracker will be up on the health ministry's website in a few days' time," said Dr Balram Bhargava, director-general of India's apex medical research body, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), while addressing a media briefing.

The tracker, as explained by Dr Bhargava, will be using data from three platforms — CoWIN (the website used for booking Covid-19 vaccine), ICMR's national Covid testing database and Covid-19 India portal (on the ministry of health and family welfare's website).

Through the tracker, the effectiveness of vaccines can be tracked among all age groups. It will show the mortality due to Covid-19 trifurcated into segments: non-vaccinated, vaccinated with one dose and fully vaccinated.

The site, which is still under construction, was shown with limited data from April 18 to August 15 for reference purpose.

It showed, for instance, on May 9, 28.89 per cent of people died of Covid-19 in a group of people who were non-vaccinated. It also showed that 1.87 per cent people died in the group of people who took one shot of the vaccine, whereas 1.1 per cent people died in the group of people who were fully vaccinated.

"Vaccine effectiveness in preventing mortality with one dose stood at 96.6 per cent whereas vaccine effectiveness in preventing mortality with one dose stood at 97.5 per cent," Bhargava said.

Tracker to also show vaccine coverage

The tracker will also show vaccine coverage in adult population, with the first dose and the second dose.

For instance, the data shows that on August 15, total vaccine coverage was 44.63 per cent, out of which 31.9 per cent people received the first shot whereas 12.73 per cent got the second shot as well.

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