Want to Pursue A Customer Service Team Lead Career Path? Here’s What You Should Know

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Customer Service Team Lead Career Path
Customer Service Team Lead Career Path

Do you consider the customer king? Many businesses believe that a company’s success depends on how well it understands its customers’ needs and wants, which they address through products or services. To do this, companies must build good relationships with their customers.

To address this need, several professionals choose to pursue a customer service team lead career path. The more a customer feels valued and heard, the likelier they will make a repeat purchase. And when that loyalty is established, the chance that the customer recommends the product or service to another person increases.

If you’ve ever wondered what a customer service team lead career path is like, then read on. From required skill sets, salary ranges, and related opportunities, we’ve compiled an easy reference for you to learn everything you would want to know about pursuing work in the customer service industry.

What does a customer service team lead do?

Before you jump into an application, it’s important to know what kind of role will be expected of you.

As a customer service team lead, your daily routine will generally involve overseeing the activities of customer service representatives. Consequently, it also entails addressing customers’ inquiries or complaints and crafting programmes to develop your team’s effectiveness and performance. Above all, you’ll also need to act as a liaison between customers and the company.

Here’s a quick look at your general responsibilities:

  • Supervise the daily activities of a team of customer service representatives

  • Manage team members’ schedules and delegations

  • Coach and motivate team members to achieve targets

  • Address customer questions or complaints

  • Assess and resolve escalations

  • Conduct regular performance appraisals

  • Develop process improvements and drive implementation

  • Train new hires under the customer service department

Salary Range

What can you expect in terms of wages for a customer service team lead career path? Based on JobStreet Salary Report 2020, those in junior positions can take home S$ 2,452 a month, but if you get promoted to team lead, your pay could grow to S$3,612. Customer Service Managers or Directors, on the other hand, could earn an average of S$5,038 monthly. Some factors, however, may affect your salary such as your customer service skills, operations management skills, and team leadership skills.

What is a customer service team lead career path like?

Junior Level (1-3 years experience)

Mid Level (4-8 years experience)

Senior Level (8 years or more)

What requirements do you need to pursue a customer service team lead career path?

Required skills

  • 3-5 years experience in a customer-facing role

  • Proficiency in using basic Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

  • Familiarity with the business software SAP Software Solutions is a plus

  • Knowledgeability with customer support software such as JitBit Helpdesk, Qualtrics CX, TeamSupport, Vision Helpdesk, and Zoho Desk is a bonus

Other skills

Apart from work experience and knowledge of software, other skills such as “soft skills” or personal attributes are also important. These help hirers determine whether an applicant has the ideal personality and character for a job opening.

Although tech know-how may be a plus, a candidate’s competency in dealing with customers and building strong relationships is key. Moreover, a successful customer service team lead must be able to address issues with ease. Developing creative solutions while guiding subordinates also displays desirable leadership qualities as well as the ability to perform under pressure.

  • Excellent organisational, communication, and interpersonal skills

  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills

  • Service-oriented

  • Self-starter

  • Resourceful

  • Critical thinker

  • Experience handling multiple projects and teams

Educational Background

While a college degree is not a standard prerequisite for a customer service role, some companies may require industry-specific education. For example, banks will prefer degree holders in Banking or Finance, while logistics companies will prefer Supply Chain Management graduates.

Required Certification and Training

A certification course from Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education (ITE). It is available in three levels: the National ITE Certificate (Nitec), Higher National ITE Certificate (Higher Nitec), and Technical Diploma. The Technical Diploma includes four courses that require a relevant Higher Nitec or Nitec.

Opportunities for Continuous Education

As you pursue a customer service team lead career path, you’ll have many avenues for continuing education or for upskilling. With this purpose in mind, here are some platforms to check out.

Singapore’s SkillsFuture initiative provides ongoing education and training opportunities. Residents 25 years old and above have free credits so they can pay for pre-approved learning and skills development courses. In particular, emerging skills areas include Advanced Manufacturing, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Digital Media, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Tech-Enabled Services, and Urban Solutions.

Similarly, professional services multinational PricewaterhouseCoopers or PwC also offers companies curated training courses on data visualisation, data analytics, and automation. These may apply to the specific industry you are supporting in your customer service role.

How to write a customer service team lead resume?

Download this Customer Service Team Lead resume HERE.

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In conclusion, a customer service team lead career path is one that is truly fulfilling and valuable for any company. We hope this article has provided you with some helpful information as you make your way. Wishing you the best of luck!

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