'I want to rape you': Man who molested drunk student after following her home from Zouk jailed

Amir Hussain
Senior Reporter
Gunaselan was convicted on two counts of molestation and one count of criminal intimidation. He also pleaded guilty to one count of using abusive language on a public servant. (Yahoo News Singapore file photo)

SINGAPORE — The 24-year-old man followed a drunk student home after a night out clubbing, then groped her and told her that he wanted to rape her.

While out on bail, Gunaselan Muthuram also went on to steal two chocolate bars and a drink from a supermarket. When police officers apprehended him the former navy technician shouted, “No don’t arrest me, f*** you!” while violently resisting arrest.

At the State Courts on Wednesday (24 April), Gunaselan was jailed four years and two months and sentenced to five strokes of the cane. He was also fined $2,000. If he fails to pay the amount he will have to serve an additional two weeks in prison.

Gunaselan, who had claimed trial to the sexual offences, was convicted on two counts of molestation and one count of criminal intimidation. He also pleaded guilty to one count of using abusive language on a public servant.

Followed victim home

On 4 November 2015, the victim visited a friend’s home to play mahjong before they went to meet another friend at the Zouk nightclub.

In the early hours of the next day, Gunaselan, now aged 27, spotted the victim while she was drunk at a bus stop outside the club. He heard the address that her friends gave a taxi driver, hopped into another taxi, and arrived at the girl’s destination before she did.

When the victim arrived, Gunaselan lied to her taxi driver that he was her friend and paid for her fare. She walked away from the taxi to get away from him but Gunaselan followed her into the lift and placed an arm around her.

Molested victim in stairwell

When the lift doors opened, Gunaselan pulled the victim into the stairwell and asked her for the taxi fare. She took out two $10 notes and threw it at him, and told him to leave her alone.

However, Gunaselan pushed her until her back was against the wall, then kissed her all over her cheeks, lips and chin.

The victim tried to break free was was unable to overpower him. She also told him to stop, but he told her in a serious tone, “I want to rape you”.

Afraid, she screamed at the top of her voice but Gunaselan covered her mouth with his hand. He then pulled down the side of her top and molested her.

Eventually, the victim broke free and ran to her home. Despite telling Gunaselan that her parents were waiting for her he continued to follow her.

At her doorstep, the victim rang the doorbell repeatedly until her father answered the door. This is when Gunaselan ran away.

The victim, who was in tears, told her father about what happened and he chased after the perpetrator.

Stole chocolates and drink

In the early hours of 27 May 2017, while out on bail for the earlier crimes, Gunaselan visited a Giant supermarket in Redhill. There, he stole two Kinder Bueno chocolate bars and a 100PLUS drink.

Shortly after, police officers who received a description of Gunaselan spotted him at a nearby bus stop. When they approached him, he appeared defensive and tried to walk away.

When a policeman held on to his hand to prevent him from leaving, Gunaselan shouted loudly at the officer while violently resisting arrest. The perpetrator was eventually pinned to the ground with the help of passers-by.

According to his lawyer, Gunaselan is appealing against his sentence.

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