Want to spend your vacation in a flying saucer?

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You'll have to wait until December 2022 to spend a night at the Area 55 Futuro House.

To go with this sci-fi scenario that we've been living in for a little over a year, we've found the perfect vacation setting. A flying saucer-shaped mansion is available for rent for about US$299 a night on AirBnb. The good news is that there are still some availabilities... in 2022.

In Finland and California, unidentified flying objects appear to be landing in the middle of nowhere. In fact, these "landed UFOs" actually have a name. They are Futuro Houses by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen. This amazing flying saucer was first imagined in 1968. Houses like this have been sold worldwide through a licensing system. One of the 80 copies available in the world was bought by an American named Ronald Jackson. The house was located in Wisconsin before being transported to Joshua Tree, an area known for glamping in California.

Space design

The round shape of this saucer, supported by an ultra-light fiberglass structure, is easily transportable. Its adaptable feet allow it to be set on any type of terrain. The house was designed as a vacation home, either for a ski resort setting or in the countryside. The interior encourages one to disconnect from the rest of the world. 360° openings allow those inside to enjoy panoramic views of the outside.

The house is available for rent for about US$299 per night on AirBnB. However, having recently attracted the attention of many media, the saucer is a victim of its success. You will have to wait until at least December 7, 2022, though if you hope to spend a night there.

In France, the flea market of Saint Ouen on the edge of Paris, is home to one of the country's two saucers.

Mylène Bertaux

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