Want to watch three Japanese national teamers embarrass 100 kids at soccer? Of course you do

Yosuke Ideguchi and two of his national team compatriots embarrassed 100 kids in soccer. (Getty)

So apparently Japanese players embarrassing little kids at soccer is a thing. We don’t know why it’s a thing, but it’s a thing.

After Shinji Kagawa recently shared a video of him nutmegging a little kid until he cried, Japan continued its New Year’s tradition of pitting tons of kids against national team players. And it went about how you’d expect.

Yosuke Ideguchi, Hiroshi Kiyotake and Yotaru Yamaguchi had fun pinging the ball back and forth while the kids kept bunching up in the same part of the field (a no-no you’re taught at a young age) trying to take it from them.


The numbers were increased from a few years ago, when it was only 55 kids vs. two players.

How did this tradition start? Why does it continue? Who cares? Enjoy the show.

Joey Gulino is the editor of FC Yahoo and moonlights as a writer. Follow him on Twitter at @JGulinoYahoo.