Waray Wikipedia hits 1 million articles

The Waray-Waray Wikipedia, a Visayan version of the open-source online encyclopedia, has already surpassed one million articles.

It reached the 1 million mark last June 8—the first Asian wikipedia project to do so,

according to Butch Bustria of Wikimedia Philippines, the umbrella organization of Wikipedia projects in the country.

The Waray-Waray Wikipedia is currently among the top ten wikipedias in the world in terms of the number of articles, Bustria notes. It reached over 2.9 million page views in April alone.

The Waray-Waray Wikipedia was activated on September 25, 2005, by Harvey Fiji from Tacloban. The contributors held their first local meet-up in January 2013 at the Leyte Provincial Capitol, Tacloban.

As of this writing, it contains over 1,003,000 articles.

An article on the English-language Wikipedia—which, like the Waray-Waray Wikipedia, is run by the global Wikimedia Foundation—said its Waray-Waray sister site now has at least 2,098,833 pages, 77 active users, and 4,987,588 edits.

Eastern Visayan residents who speak Waray and want to try out the Wikipedia in their own tongue can log on to war.wikipedia.org.

Other Philippine tongues with their own Wikipedias include:

Cebuano Bicol Chavacano (Zamboanga City) Ilocano Kapampangan Pangasinan Tagalog

— Joel Locsin/TJD, GMA News