Washington owner Dan Snyder files motion to depose former GM Bruce Allen

Chris Cwik
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Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder believes former team general manager Bruce Allen knows something about negative articles that have come out about Snyder. On Thursday, Snyder filed a motion that seeks to depose Allen, according to The Athletic.

Snyder has filed a libel suit in India after an Indian website in 2020 linked Snyder, "without evidence, to sex trafficking and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein," according to the The Athletic. 

Snyder also filed eight legal proceedings related to that suit. The motion filed against Allen alleges he "has specific knowledge of the creation and distribution" of those articles. Allen did not respond to The Athletic when asked about Snyder's motion.

The motion attempts to use phone records to link Allen to the articles. Allen reportedly spoke to John Moag — an investment banker for the minority owners of the team — for nearly 21 hours between January and November in 2020. Snyder believes that is relevant because he thinks Moag may have been one of the sources for "damaging information."

Moag denied knowing about the articles, according to The Athletic.

Bruce Allen worked with team for a decade

Allen spent a decade as the general manager for the Washington Football Team. The club struggled under his watch, going 62-98-1. Allen wasn't popular among the team's fan base or with the media. Both groups called for Allen to be fired for years. Despite those calls, Snyder kept Allen around until 2019. 

The filing alleges Allen started to spread damaging information about Snyder following Allen's firing.

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