Watch the 1960s Jeep Wagoneer commercial that helped launch a legend

Joe Lorio
·1-min read

We've now seen the reborn Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, which represent the long-awaited return of a classic nameplate. But what we haven't yet seen are any commercials for the new SUVs. How will Jeep introduce the big SUV to the American public? Perhaps Jeep marketers are reviewing the historical presentation of the Wagoneer to get some ideas. If so, they have no doubt come across this gem, which is the oldest Wagoneer commercial we could find.

This spot dates from 1966, not long after the original model launched with the 1963 model year. Just like its forebears on D-Day, the Wagoneer steams ashore (autonomously!), to the delight of a family on the beach in New Jersey. They proceed to take it for an action-packed spin across the sand and through the water's edge (Oh, no! Salt spray!). The Wagoneer then autonomously drives itself back onto the transport ship.

As the family waves goodbye to their new four-wheel-drive friend, the narrator intones: "The new Wagoneer, you've got to drive it to believe it!"

The whole concept is just begging to be redone with the new Wagoneer: Jeep returns to the Jersey Shore! And while there, maybe bring back Bruce Springsteen? Or, then again, maybe not.

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