WATCH: Boy's 'Katora' Cut Goes Viral, Netizens Call it 'Lego Hair'

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As kids, we all had those sessions where our parents decided that going to a barber is futile and this risky-to-looks business must be conducted at home. While sometimes things fall in place, other times, they just don't.

One such incident happened to a boy whose family decided to cut his hair at home and, in unison, broke into laughter after finishing the job, including the boy getting the haircut.

A video uploaded on a viral video-sharing page called BViral shows the boy sitting wrapped up and ready to get the haircut, with a covering around him and a plastic bowl on his head. The family was apparently going for the famous ‘Katora Cut.’

Halfway into the haircut, the person doing the job loses it and starts laughing, which gives the initial hints of the final product. But the hilarity ensues in full swing as the bowl is lifted off and the haircut is unveiled to other members of the family. Looking at his family, the boy, too, started laughing and went to see the final look in the mirror.

The video shared had a caption that said, “It will grow back.”

Watch the epic fail here:

Since being shared, the video has garnered more than 34,000 likes, and as hilarious as the video was, the netizens’ comments that flooded the comment box too were hysterical. One user wrote, “A Lego called, it wants its hair back.” Another asked, “Is that Mark Davis?”

For the unversed, Mark Davis is a sports franchise owner and the person with this exact hairstyle.

We introduce to you Mark Davis:

One user wrote, “I think he went in his room to get a gun.”. One comment that stole the show and got a few hundred likes was one where the user said, “Looking like Lord Farquaad.” Lord Farquaad is the lead antagonist from the Shrek Movie.

We hope his hair grows back before he goes to school and meets his friends.

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