Watch broke down Tesla Model S Plaid get rescued at Nurburgring (Eric Loveday)

The cause is unknown, but this Model S needed a tow.

It seems one Tesla Model S out on the Nurburgring decided it couldn't go anymore. See video footage here of a broke down Model S Plaid getting rescued at the 'Ring.

Perhaps this is why Tesla announced earlier today that it would be leaving the Nurburgring and returning next month?

Model S Plaid in the news:

It's believed that this red Model S Plaid is the one with the stripped-out interior and the only Model S at the 'Ring that's capable of the 7:20-ish time, so why keep on trying for faster laps if the quickest Model S Plaid is presumably out of service?

All eyes on Tesla's return to the Nurburgring next month when the target time is 7:05 lap. Let's hope that whatever took this Model S Plaid out of commission is fixed by then.

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