Watch: Bus driver struck by boulder keeps control of vehicle, saves passengers' lives



KUALA LUMPUR: Bus drivers in many countries have a less-than-stellar reputation, with some having been known to show little regard for decorum (like driving with their feet); or even with passengers’ lives (like snorting drugs while behind the wheel).

An express bus driver in China, however, recently emerged to not only shatter shady stereotypes about those in his profession – but to behave heroically.

According to CGTN, Zhao Shuang was driving during a storm in Zhaotong City on Aug 16, along a stretch of road with a history of rock falls, when a boulder the size of a beach ball suddenly smashed through the windshield.

Hard-to-watch CCTV footage of the incident, which has gone viral on social media, shows the boulder slamming Zhao square in the chest, knocking him sideways in his seat.

Incredibly, the large rock wasn’t done with Zhao – it delivered a cruel second blow by bouncing off the bus wall and smashing onto the back of his bowed head.

In spite of being both in shock and tremendous pain – CGTN reported that Zhao suffered four broken ribs, injured lungs, severe bruises and a lacerated scalp – he fought to maintain control of his bus, which he drove for another ten minutes to a service area where his 14 passengers could disembark.

During the drive, none of the passengers tended to Zhao, even as blood could be seen trickling from the back of his head. (This was arguably the THIRD blow to Zhao).

But once the bus was stationary, help was called and Zhao is reportedly on the mend, the New York Post reported.

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