How to Watch ‘Disney Jr.’s Ariel’: Is the Animated Series Streaming?

After Disney’s success with “The Little Mermaid,” the studio is serving children up with even more of Ariel’s adventures in it newest animated children’s series “Disney Jr.’s Ariel.” In an exclusive clip — which can be viewed above — Ariel and her friends prepare for an underwater sleepover with Aunt Ursula.

“Are you merlings ready for a big night of Ursula fun?!” Ursula, who is played by Amber Riley, asks Ariel and her group of sea friends in the clip.

“Ohhhhh, yeah! I have the whole night planned for us. We’ll have snacks, games, play pretend!” Ariel, who is played by Mykal-Michelle Harris, answers excitedly. To show off how she and her brother King Triton (Taye Diggs) used to play pretend, Ursula used her magic to change King Triton’s crown into a pirate’s hat.

“Yes, yes, y’all are going to have lots of fun tonight. But, I want everyone in bed when it’s bedtime. Little fish and little mermaids need their sleep,” King Triton laughingly says.

“I promise you Triton, when it is bedtime, these little ones will be snug in their kelp sleeping bags,” Ursula responds.

The series is executive produced by Lynne Southerland (“Mulan II,” “Happily Ever After”) and features all the fun characters for all generations.

“All aspects of this new series are focused on the culture, the food, the colors, the music that we see across the Caribbean diaspora,” Southerland said in a statement to TheWrap. “Everything is researched through two different consultants, both of whom are of Caribbean descent.”

“Disney Jr.’s Ariel” lands this week; here’s everything you need to know about how to watch.

When does “Disney Jr.’s Ariel” come out?

“Disney Junior’s Ariel” will first air on Disney’s children’s network Disney Jr. on Thursday, June 27. For folks who’d like to stream the animated series, the show will be available the next day, on Friday, on Disney+.

Will “Disney Jr.’s Ariel” be streaming?

Yes, “Disney Junior’s Ariel” will stream on Disney+ on Friday, June 28, after it makes its initial premiere on Disney Jr.

What is “Disney Jr.’s Ariel” about?

Here’s Disney Junior’s synopsis of the show below:

“Set in the fantastical Caribbean-inspired underwater kingdom of Atlantica, ‘Disney Jr’s Ariel’ follows young mermaid princess Ariel as she embarks on fun-filled, action-packed mermaid adventures with her friends. It features fan-favorite characters, including King Triton, Ursula, Sebastian and Flounder, as well as exciting new additions like Ariel’s two best friends, mer-children Lucia and Fernie, and lots of other adorable sea creatures.”

Who is in the “Disney Jr.’s Ariel” cast?

The cast of “Disney Junior’s Ariel” includes Taye Diggs as King Triton, Amber Riley as Ursula and Mykal-Michelle Harris as Ariel.

Is there a trailer for “Disney Jr.’s Ariel”?

Yep, check out the trailer below.

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