Watch Ed Sheeran Dedicate A Song To A Baby Named After Him

Taylor Pittman
Cooper Sheeran Smith is an almost 1-year-old named after singer Ed Sheeran. 

After learning at his concert that a baby in the crowd was named after him, Ed Sheeran dedicated a song to her. What he didn’t know is exactly how big of a role he’s played in the lives of her parents.

Rocky Smith posted a video on Facebook and Instagram from Sheeran’s concert on August 30 at American Airlines Arena in Miami. He and his wife, Harmony Smith, took their almost 1-year-old daughter, Cooper Sheeran Smith, to the show and brought along a sign for her that read, “They named me after you.”

Cooper attended Sheeran's August 30 show with her parents, who brought along a sign that read, "They named me after you." (Rocky Smith)

The sign caught Sheeran’s eye on stage, and the parents had the chance to chat with the singer. In the video, Harmony explained her daughter’s name from one of the front rows. Obviously flattered, Sheeran dedicated his performance of “Dive” to Cooper. 

“Cooper, we’re going to sing this song for you,” he said.

See the video of the family’s chat with Sheeran and his performance for Cooper below.

Rocky told HuffPost that Sheeran’s music has surrounded Cooper. He and Harmony tried for years to have a child on their own, but were not successful until they turned to other options. Harmony underwent intrauterine insemination on Christmas morning of 2015, the day calculated to offer the best chance of pregnancy for the couple. After the procedure, Rocky pulled out his phone and played Sheeran’s song “Tenerife Sea.” Four weeks later, they found out Harmony was expecting.

The couple decided on the first name Cooper since it was the street Rocky grew up on in Queens, New York. He later suggested Sheeran as her middle name, and Harmony loved the idea.

Sheeran ended up chatting with the family and dedicated his performance of "Dive" to Cooper.  (Rocky Smith)

Cooper was born on September 11, 2016. At one week old, her parents had photos taken of her in front of a painting incorporating lyrics from “Tenerife Sea.” And of course, her parents play Sheeran’s music for her often.

“I started singing to Cooper as soon as she was born,” Rocky told HuffPost. “When we’re in the car, it’s Ed Sheeran. When we’re in the house playing music, it’s Ed Sheeran.”

Rocky and Harmony were thrilled that Cooper’s first concert experience starred Sheeran and even more excited when the singer picked them out of the crowd. The family also attended Sheeran’s show the next night with seats close to the stage. Rocky told HuffPost Sheeran waved hello that night and ― possibly not noticing Cooper’s earplugs ― sent over headphones for his namesake to wear to protect her ears.

“Another amazing gesture by this man,” Rocky said. “These were Cooper’s first concert experiences that none of us will ever forget.” 

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.