WATCH Erdem Prepare His Autumn Winter 2012 Collection: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

WATCH Erdem Prepare His Autumn Winter 2012 Collection: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Don't you just love a sneaky behind-the-scenes video? We do, which is why we leaped at the chance to take five and enjoy this exclusive video of Erdem preparing his Autumn Winter 2012 collection. It certainly helps that the film is packed with the designer's signature feminine gorgeousness, from frocks delicately embroidered with lace to classic tweed numbers and garments adorned with Swarovski Elements - the very same that hit London Fashion Week only a matter of days ago. Oh, and the fact that Erdem himself is utterly adorable (wait till you see the be-spectacled designer dance - we actually love him).

It offers a fascinating insight into how Erdem develops his collection, from research to the inital sketches to seeing his creations on the catwalk. And how cute that the film is directed by his very own sister, Sara Moralioglu? Just like the Christopher and Tammy Kane combo, this sibling double act certainly delivers.

'It's wonderful seeing the collection evolve from the seed of an idea to a finished piece and then added to that the drama and excitement of the show,' says Sara. 'He's always been a wonderful illustrator even when he was little; the pen just seems to be an extension of his hand. To see those illustrations come to life and become real garments is a wonderful experience.'

Indeed it is! Click play on the video below to see for yourself...

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