WATCH: Farmer's Desi 'Jugaad' to Drive Away Birds From Crops Leaves Netizens Impressed

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Scarecrows erected in fields are common sights in Indian villages. Farmers usually make humanoid scarecrows to save their crops from possible damages by birds and other animals. Now a video has gone viral where a farmer decided to make a device from everyday objects to shoo away animals and birds to save crops. The video features an iron chain attached to the motor of a fan, which runs the chain and hits an empty steel box to make a loud noise. When the device makes this continuous noise, the birds and other animals get irritated and stay away.

Here is the video:

The video has surfaced on an Instagram page called jugaad_life_hacks.

In a similar case, a video posted on Twitter features a scarecrow at an unidentified location, donning a red scarf and gloves, green sweater and blue skirt, with a scary face. With the help of a spring coil, the scarecrow was swinging around instead of standing stationary like a normal scarecrow.

In addition, a similar incident related to scarecrow happened in Cambodia where farmers had deployed an age-old ‘Ting Mong’ scarecrows to ward off virus. A floral-shirted scarecrow with a plastic pot for a head stands guard in front of a rural Cambodian home – a sentry erected by superstitious farmers to ward off the coronavirus. Known as “Ting Mong” in Khmer, the creatively rendered scarecrows often pop up in villages that have been hard-hit by infectious diseases like dengue or water-borne diarrhoea.

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