WATCH: Huge crocodile spotted just hanging out at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

In the latest installment of Reptiles and the City State, a man and his daughter spotted a massive crocodile minding his own business on a hot summer afternoon.

Last week, we brought you the tawdry tale of the giant python who invited itself into a local family’s HDB flat (and relieved itself). But this episode involves humans walking in on a wild animal in his own habitat, possibly interrupting some private ritual of its own.

Ken Lee and his daughter Dilys encountered the croc on a visit to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve earlier this month, with a video of the rendezvous uploaded onto Facebook. Nothing too up close and personal though — the clip of the beast was taken from an observation deck, a safe distance from the wild animal.

While crocodile sightings at the reserve are not exactly out of the ordinary, seeing one pose long enough to take a video is a special treat.

In the film, the croc can be seen nonchalantly lounging on the estuary bank, holding completely still with its jaw wide open, possibly in an attempt to cool itself. Mr. Lee then pans to the surrounding area, showing us the plant life and a swirling body of water nearby. Not surprisingly, there were no people or animals are hanging around nearby.

“It looked very fake,” Ms. Lee told Stomp.

The two were not the first to notice the monstrous creature. Ms. Lee told Stomp that another group of visitors called her father to check out the beast.

While it may be thrilling to spot a majestic creature like this, it’s important to remember basic safety precautions. According to an Australian government website, Mr. Lee and his daughter did the right thing. Definitely keep your distance, and never ever enter the water where crocodiles are suspected of hanging around.

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