Watch: Influencers perform viral 'In Da Getto' challenge in supermarkets, dance away with shopping carts

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This year has seen a great increase in the content of Instagram reels. As lockdown restrictions ease, influencers are once again out in the public to perform and create a variety of content. One challenge that has been trending lately on social media is dancing to the tunes of In Da Getto.

Set to the tune of J Balvin and Skrillex song of the same name, this latest Instagram craze has people dancing in front of their shopping carts in shopping malls. The challenge involves placing one's phone on the back of a shopping cart and sliding the cart in the supermarket aisle. As the cart moves, the person follow the cart and does the dance steps.

This audio has led to around five lakh reels on Instagram in the past few weeks. The song was released in July this year and has become a sensation since then.

The trend has become a craze amongst Instagrammers, with people over the world widely watching and imitating the dance steps. Some people have also danced to the hook steps of the song inside their homes instead of a supermarket.

Even though it has gone viral, this trend has left a number of people and employees pretty confused. Some people also get annoyed at the nuisance created by unmanned shopping carts in the mall.

Here are some of Instagram's most famous In Da Getto reels-

Instagram influencer and dancer, Najma Mirajkar was also seen dancing to the tune of this song inside a mall with actor Gauhar Khan's sister-in-law, Anam Darbar.

Son of famous music director Ismail Darbar, and Gauhar Khan's husband, Zaid Darbar also danced to this trend with his gang of friends in a shopping mall.

However, some Instagram users also took this as an opportunity to create humorous content. Influencer Rjabhinavv made a funny reel with this song, stating that the store managers are worried about their carts which are disappearing due to this trend.

Many people also wrote that making this reel was quite embarrassing as one had to dance in a supermarket with a number of people watching in astonishment.

Here's what an Instagrammer shared.


What are your thoughts on this trend?


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