Watch intake of raya food, says Health Minister


KUALA LUMPUR: Watch what you eat during the festive period. The advice comes from Health Minister Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad who said practising the ‘Suku Suku Separuh (quarter, quarter, half) food intake would help keep body weight in check, while reducing the risk of being afflicted with chronic diseases during the Aidilfitri season. By this, he meant that one’s food platter should be filled with a quarter portion of carbohydrates such as rice or bread, another quarter with proteins such as fish, chicken or meat and the other half with vegetables and fruits. The tip, he said, was to eat moderately and according to daily caloric needs. “Bottled water is also the best choice compared to carbonated beverages. These practices not only help to control weight but reduce wastage of food,” he said in a statement here today. Meanwhile, in conjunction with the 15th World Blood Donor Day celebrations today, Dr Dzulkefly hoped Malaysians would donate blood without considering ethnic and religious backgrounds and reasons. He said for now, an average of 2,000 blood bags were needed daily for 1,000 patients at hospitals nationwide. “Blood and blood components are needed to cope with medical advancements pertaining to illnesses and emergencies and the growing population,” he said in a separate statement.--BERNAMA

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