Watch: Israeli police officer threatens reporter live on air

An Israeli police officer threatened and screamed at a reporter live on air.

Ahmad Darawsha from Alaraby Television Network was covering live on the ground in Ashdod, Israel, when a man, dressed like an officer approached him.

“What are you saying? I don’t care if you are live, what are you saying?” he asks.

“I am saying what the Israeli army is doing,” the journalist responds.

Interrupting Mr Darawsha, the officer shouts: “You better be saying good things. Understood?

“And all of these Hamas should be slaughtered. Am I clear? If you don’t report the truth, woe is you.”

After the officer walks off-screen, the reporter says: “The Israeli police are monitoring what we are saying.”

Seconds later, the officer returns, stands directly in front of the camera, looks down the lens and says: “Detestable! We’ll turn Gaza to dust! Dust, dust, dust.”