Watch as Nigel Farage launches Reform UK’s election manifesto

Watch as Nigel Farage launches Reform UK’s election manifesto on Monday 17 June.

Farage is set to unveil the manifesto, which the party dubs a “contract” with voters, in Wales.

Speaking ahead of the event, the Reform leader said he is “launching a crusade to defend British values” and that the location was chosen “because it shows everyone exactly what happens to a country when Labour is in charge”.

He will set out Reform’s policies in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, at 1pm before taking questions.

The party will fight the election on immigration, with policies already announced including an “employer immigration tax” on companies who choose to employ overseas workers instead of British citizens.

Reform has vowed to freeze lawful immigration with the exception of healthcare workers and leave the European Convention on Human Rights.

On the economy, the party has set out an ambition to slash £91 billion off public spending by stopping the Bank of England paying interest on quantitative easing reserves and finding £50 billion of wasteful spending in Whitehall.

It has promised there would be no tax on earnings under £20,000 a year, that it would abolish the government’s net-zero targets and “stand up for British culture, identity and values”.