Watch live: Rescuers search rubble in Turkey as death toll crosses 1,500

Rescue crews are working to save any survivors trapped under rubble after two powerful earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria.

The death toll from the first earthquake, a magnitude 7.8 which struck near Gaziantep, has surpassed 1,500.

A second earthquake was later confirmed by the USGS, a magnitude 7.5 that was recorded in Ekinozu, around 100 miles away.

This feed shows the scene live from Diyarbakir where groups contune to trawl through the debris in search of victims.

Turkish officials say it is the most powerful earthquake recorded in the region since 1939.

The first earthquake was felt as far away as Egypt, and has led to Italian officials issuing a potential tsunami alert.

It is feared that the death toll will continue to climb, after Monday morning saw the casualty numbers rise rapidly in the hours following the first earthquake.

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