WATCH: Man Catches Arrow in Mid-Flight in a Skoda Octavia Wagon

Cherryl Anne Cruz

Skoda has created a Guinness World Record–the Farthest Arrow Fired and Caught in a Moving Car–using a Skoda Octavia RS 245 wagon. This is the first time in history, and really exciting to watch. And we have the video commercial to prove this.

Using “almost” superhuman skills, great eyesight, and the sunroof of a Skoda Octavia RS 245 to execute this stunt perfectly, martial artist Markus Haas, Olympic Games archer competitor Laurance Baldauff, and driver Guido Gluschitsch made it look so easy–catching the arrow in mid-flight in a car at a distance of 57.5 meters–we’re thinking of turning it into a weekly hobby ourselves.

Kidding aside, it was a spectacular feat–and thanks to technology, we get to see it in dramatic slow-motion effect.

Still, let’s not forget the unheralded star of the video and stunt and world record: the Skoda Octavia RS 245. It’s a sportier sibling of the Skoda Octavia RS, which kind of reminds us of a Toyota Corolla Altis with more muscular, Gallic undertones. Its more powerful, athletic sibling, the RS 245 is considered the fastest Octavia Rally Sport to date.

So now that Skoda has conquered the arrow, will its next stop be catching a bullet? Why not? Anything’s possible. In the meantime, here’s the 40-second Skoda commercial video for your  viewing pleasure:

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