Watch: Man Runs In Fright After A Snake Suddenly Appears On His Path

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Every now and then, fascinating videos on the web start trending. Few of the most-watched clips are hilarious and sometimes even inspiring. On some occasions, other viral videos that surface online can be really frightening to watch. Footage involving a snake and a person is one such clip. The incident, which took place in Thailand, was captured by a CCTV camera. The spine-chilling clip opens to a person casually walking towards a patio. The scene continues before a snake, out of a clear blue sky, slithers and intervenes.

The video recording shows the lawn area surrounding a house in Thailand. A table and a chair can be seen on the patio. Just then, an individual enters the scene and starts setting the dining table. Not even a few seconds into the clip, a snake emerges out of its hiding spot. The person was filmed leaving the work of table-setting after seeing the reptile making straight aim for the ankles. The startled soul rushed in a flash as the snake dashed in pursuit.

The episode, caught on camera, was shared on YouTube by a popular channel called the ViralHog. Take a look:

The video will leave you intrigued and you may even play it on loop to witness the hair-raising moment. Many YouTubers asserted that the video is not for the timid soul. Others pointed out how hostile the reptile seemed while chasing the individual.

Recently, another video from a shop in Thailand was shared on YouTube, after which it went viral all over the internet. An employee was left terrified after spotting a snake crawling inside the store. The nightmare of an incident took place in Chon Buri in June.

The video posted by ViralHog showed a woman walking up from her seat to the refrigerator. Just then, the reptile decided to quietly crawl in the shop through the door and slithered under the woman’s desk. It then went to the other end of the store. This was exactly when she turned around to witness a moment where she could possibly get a heart attack. The video ended with her running out of the shop in extreme shock.

The clip went viral and social media users expressed their thoughts in the comments section.

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