Watch Martha Stewart Absolutely Crush A Pilates Workout On IG

Watch Martha Stewart Absolutely Crush A Pilates Workout On IG
  • Martha Stewart just shared a new Instagram video of her tough Pilates workout.

  • The 82-year-old often shares her health and wellness tips for staying strong, including her commitment to daily movement and hearty ingredients.

  • Martha does Pilates every other day.

Martha Stewart, 82, shared her latest workout on Instagram this week, and it's clear that this icon has been putting in some serious core work.

Martha shared a video where she's lying on a Pilates reformer, getting a sweat session in. “Harder and more effective than it looks!!” Martha captioned the video.

In the clip, Martha is lying on her back on Reformer's sliding carriage, with her legs crossed and held up in the air. She then drags the straps down toward her feet to move her body forward and back. Not only is this a great arm and shoulder workout, but it also can strengthen your core (and extra points for holding your legs in the air for added resistance, Martha!). Basically, this woman is a beast on the machine.

Of course, Martha's followers were thrilled to see her looking so strong. “WERK MARTHA👏,” one follower commented. Another added, “The fountain of youth, ladies and gentlemen.” And they're not wrong, Martha is definitely looking sculpted and glowing as she moves through her workout.

ICYDK, a pilates reformer is a piece of equipment designed with a system of springs and pulleys that create added resistance. The machine has a surface, foot bar, and platforms at the top and bottom of the machine, to allow for all sorts of low-impact workouts. It can also help with coordination, which anyone who has tried a Pilates class on the mat knows can be a bit of a challenge.

Doing Pilates is one of Martha's favorite ways to work out, and she does a class every other day, according to her blog. But that isn't the only thing Martha does to stay healthy. This star likes to sip some green juice and a cappuccino in the morning, she shared on her blog. She also avoids fast food and credits her parents for instilling the importance of an active lifestyle when she was a child, Martha shared in another post, which The Daily Mail reported on.

Martha explains that she typically starts the day with a 20-minute treadmill workout, and then does some yoga. “I love practicing yoga to keep my muscles long, limber, and flexible, and I also work out at least three times a week with my trainer,” she shared.

When she's not getting strong in the gym or on the Reformer, Martha spends a lot of time outside in her garden, growing fresh produce, which helps both her exercise and diet goals.

In fact, her Instagram is filled with treasures from her garden, like these supersized celeries.

And tons of tomatoes.

I think it's safe to say that Martha knows what she’s doing. An icon!

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