WATCH: Maserati driver gets into a tantrum after getting into a minor accident from going a bit too fast

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    If I was that truck driver, I would have given that little sports car driver 60 seconds to move his car or my truck would do the moving for me.
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    Many people believe that if they drive a more expensive car that it gives them more of a right to the road then others. They also sadly have a tendency to believe they are also better then others.
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    Thats why I buy vehicles that I can drive in traffic and park in a parking lot. Not fine pieces of china that shatter and cost thousands in repairs for the most minor stuff.
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    Pontificus Vascillious
    ok ... ADD the word TANTRUM to the (do not) 'click-bait' list
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    This is typical and I see this everyday. From BMW's to Mercedes to Land Rovers to Cadillac. They have no respect for other drivers, traffic laws or public safety.
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    anyone recognizing the maserati link to joe walsh is showing their age, including me. hehe.
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    IM GETTING A DASH CAMERA......everyone should
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    Harrington Guy
    Just because your Maserati can do 185, does mean you should be doing it in certain areas.
    thank you Joe Walsh.
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    Reminds me of after I retired I bought the Corvette I had always wanted. I took it out to see what it could do. I was going down the highway at 100mph. Then I noticed a highway patrol car behind me with his lights flashing. I thought to myself this car is fast, I can get away. So I floored it. I was doing 140 in no time. The patrol car was still behind me. I came to my senses and decided to stop. When the officer came to my car he told me it was almost the end of his shift. He would rather not have to do two hours of paperwork, if I could give him one good reason I was going that fast he would let me go.I told him that 15 years ago my wife had run off with a highway patrol man. When I saw his car behind me I was afraid it might be him bringing her back. I should be getting out in 45 more days.
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    Deep State Watch
    I have seen this in America too.