Watch: Pitch-invading car interrupts soccer match, nearly runs over players

(Screenshot: @SharjahSportsTV on Twitter)

If you’re a veteran watcher of sports, you’re surely familiar with the excitement of a fan on the field. It really shouldn’t be something to laugh about … but it always is. The thrill of the security guard chase is unmatched.

No sport has a richer or more extensive history of field invasions than soccer. There are the star-struck fans who gallop onto the pitch and bow at the feet of their idols. There are the drunks who are simply fed up with their team’s performance. There are dogs and cats and squirrels, and all other types of animals.

That an under-18 match in the United Arab Emirates between Al-Jazira and Shabab Al-Ahly was interrupted by a pitch-invader, therefore, isn’t exactly news. The news is that the pitch-invader was on four wheels:

What the … what the heck?

This is surely a new pitch-invasion tactic – though it’s been used before in cricket.

First of all, it’s actually pretty scary. The players, or anybody watching, couldn’t have had any idea who was behind the wheel of the car, or what his or her motive was. The vehicle didn’t slow down when it approached the players, and might have even sped up. It came dangerously close to a few on the far end of the field. When it circled back around, one team’s goalkeeper had to scurry out of the way.

But any collisions or injuries were avoided, so … this is legendary. It’s incredibly dangerous and unacceptable, should not be encouraged, and should be punished. But … legendary.