Watch Razer debut its gaming phone right here at 4 PM ET

Rob LeFebvre

We've been following the potential Razer gaming phone for a while now, with a recent leak potentially confirming some higher-end specifications (more RAM, better battery and display) sure to please mobile gamers. The company is setting up for a livestream today at 4 PM ET that could finally confirm the rumors.

The keynote will stream live on YouTube at 1 PM Pacific time, 8 PM London time November 1st, which translates to 4 AM in Singapore and 7 AM in Sydney. The mysterious description on the YouTube page says, "Tune in for our biggest unveiling of the year. Watch. Listen. Play." We're hoping we see the gaming phone that Razer may have acquired Nextbit and its Robin phone for last January. The livestream is embedded below for your convenience.

Razer / YouTube

  • This article originally appeared on Engadget.