Watch the Rimac Nevera repeatedly beat the Tesla Model S Plaid

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We've already seen the Rimac Nevera prove its quarter-mile dominance with its unofficial record time. But just to help hammer things home, Rimac and YouTube Channel DragTimes (hat tip to Road & Track) brought out a Tesla Model S Plaid to race against it head to head.

As we've discussed, the Rimac can pull off mid-8-second drag times, whereas the Tesla is in the low-9-second range. And that leads to predictable victories for the Rimac. Still, the video shows that the Tesla is remarkably quick, especially considering it has one less motor, around 900 fewer horsepower, and about 100 pounds more weight. And off the line, the Tesla stays close, but it doesn't take long for the Rimac's raw power to carry it away, with more distance the longer they go.

The first of the races starts around the 4:15 time stamp. They run the cars three times, and the second one, both drivers had a nearly identical reaction time. As such, you won't get a much clearer illustration of the cars' straight-line performance differences.

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