Watch: Ryan Zimmerman makes incredible diving catch

Watch: Ryan Zimmerman makes incredible diving catch

Ryan Zimmerman made an incredible catch as the Washington Nationals took a 1-0 lead against the St. Louis Cardinals in game one of the National League Championship Series.

Cardinals’ infielder Tommy Edman’s line drive towards Nationals’ Zimmerman allowed the 35-year-old to make an incredible diving catch.

Nationals’ Anibal Sanchez was looking to complete a no-hitter, and Zimmerman’s catch went some way to helping, but just later in the match Jose Martinez delivered a pinch-hit single for the Cardinals’ first hit of the night.

Sanchez was removed from the game after that hit having thrown 103 pitches, allowing one hit and no runs.

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After the match Zimmerman explained that getting the win was more important than the no-hitter.

He said: "I don’t care if he has a no-hitter or not, as long as we win the game. Obviously, you’re doing everything you can. What he’s done and the way he’s throwing the ball, you’re trying to preserve the no-hitter any way you can. But more important was just getting that win.

“When you have a two-run lead or a small lead like that, getting that leadoff guy is huge. It takes away a lot of the things that the other team can do.

“I’m pretty close to the line. Anything hard to my right is the only thing I have to go after. I basically know I’m responsible for the four-hole on hard hit balls.

“Then you kind of see it in the air and go for it. It’s either me or nobody.”

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