Watch: Serbia's Danko Lazovic flops excessively after getting tripped

Danko Lazovic’s deplorable theatrics in the Hungarian League final is a sight for sore eyes for true soccer fans who defend the Beautiful Game against diving allegations. 

True soccer fans who defend their sport against allegations of deplorable diving are sure to despise Danko Lazovic’s latest stunt, because you’d be hard pressed to defend such a dramatic display in any sport, let alone the Beautiful Game.

Lazovic, who plays for Videoton FC, recently took his Academy Award bid to the pitch against Budapest Honved in the Hungarian League final. Following a minor collision that brought Lazovic to the ground, the referee blew his whistle to indicate a free-kick for Videoton. Apparently Lazovic wasn’t satisfied.

The Serbian footballer proceeded to flop around the pitch like a fish out of water in an effort to sell a call that had already been made. The embarrassing stunt was captured in the video below:

It’s the kind of dramatic display that would make Victor Moses blush (the Chelsea star was recently booted from the FA Cup final against Arsenal after receiving a red card for diving).

Lazovic, flopping on the ground like a kid throwing a hissy-fit at the toy store, can be seen clutching his leg as if his fibula had snapped. But no one appears to be buying it, including Lazovic’s manager, who can be seen using hand gestures to urge his player to pump the breaks.

This is certainly not the finest display from Lazovic, a 34-year-old veteran who has represented his country in 47 international matches. And after the reaction from fans on social media, we’re certain that we won’t see this sort of display from Lazovic again any time soon.