WATCH: Temple Elephant in Kerala Throws Mahout on Ground, Leaves Onlookers in Panic

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Of all the states in India, Kerala has a large population of wild elephants. The state houses more than seven hundred domesticated elephants. Most of these mammals are owned by temples and individuals for religious ceremonies. A few tuskers work at timber yards too, while some residents keep them as their pet. As the elephant is regarded as the state animal, it is also featured on the Kerala government's emblem.

While elephants taking part in everyday prayers and rituals is not new in Kerala, a jumbo left devotees in a state of turmoil recently. During the evening rituals, the pachyderm got agitated and yanked off a man, who was sitting on top of it. The man narrowly escaped from being trampled under the mighty animal’s feet. The video of the incident, which will make your heart almost sink, has gone viral on social media and is being widely shared across platforms.

The clip showcases the animal vigorously shaking its body and head. It was seen forcing the mahout, who was seated on top of it, to fall on the ground. The irked tusker then turned to attack the man and even attempted to stamp him. However, the lucky mahout got a hold of himself and managed to flee away quickly but suffered minor injuries.

The horrific incident took place on September 24 at Thiruvilwamala Vilwadrinatha Temple, which is located in Thrissur district of Kerala. Manorama News revealed that the jumbo got out of control during a nirmalyam ritual that was held in the evening. Reportedly, the tusker even kicked down a deepastambham (lamp) of the temple which made the onlookers panic.

Watch the full video –

The temple elephant, which has been identified as Pananchery Parameshwaran, was finally tamed with the help of the elephant squad and forest officials after multiple efforts that lasted nearly 1.5 hours.

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