How To Watch All ‘Transformers’ Movies In Chronological Order

Transformers Movies In Order
Transformers Movies In Order

Thinking about rewatching the Transformers movies before the upcoming release of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts? Well, we have got you covered. Get ready to relive some epic battles between the Autobots and Decepticons as you truly immerse yourself in the Transformers universe with a binge-watch of all of the movies.

While you can go in order of release, we recommend going in chronological order. Doing so will make sure you’re up to date with the movie’s timeline and get a better, more comprehensive understanding of the overall story arc.

So without further ado, here’s the proper order of watching all Transformers moves in chronological order starting with Bumblebee, which introduces us to the Autobot scout and ending with Transformers: The Last Knight. In between is the highly anticipated Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, which is set to release on June 9.

A guide to watching all of the ‘Transformers’ movies in chronological order

Bumblebee (2018)

Transformers Movies In Order
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Set in the 1980s, chronologically Bumblebee is the first film in the Transformers franchise. The story follows a young Autobot named Bumblebee, who seeks refuge on Earth after a devastating war on his home planet of Cybertron. His mission? To establish a base for the Autobots and protect the planet from the evil Decepticons. However, upon his arrival, Bumblebee is heavily damaged and loses his ability to speak, taking the form of a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Charlie Watson, a teenage girl dealing with the loss of her father, discovers Bumblebee in a junkyard. She manages to reactivate him and quickly realizes that he is no ordinary car. As their bond grows, Charlie learns about Bumblebee’s mission and the danger that comes with it.

The story showcases the origin of Bumblebee and lays the groundwork for future Transformers films.

IMDb rating: 6.7
Rotten Tomatoes score: 91%

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (2023)

Transformers Movies In Order
Image credit: IMDb

The upcoming film Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is said to be a sequel to the 2018 film Bumblebee and a prequel to 2007’s Transformers. Set in 1994, the film will follow two archaeologists from Brooklyn who become embroiled in an ancient conflict. Through their adventure, they encounter three factions of Transformers: the Maximals, the Predacons and the Terrorcons. This film draws inspiration from the Beast Wars animated series and its popular storyline that involves the Transformers taking the form of animals rather than vehicles. The film is expected to incorporate this concept and bring a fresh perspective to the franchise.

IMDb rating: TBD
Rotten Tomatoes score: TBD

Transformers (2007)

Transformers Movies In Order
Image credit: IMDb

The OG Transformers film comes third in order of chronology. The 2007 film revolves around the discovery of the AllSpark, a powerful artefact that can grant life to mechanical objects, by the Autobots on their home planet of Cybertron. However, the Decepticons, led by their leader Megatron, also seek to obtain the AllSpark to conquer the universe. The battle between the Autobots and Decepticons reaches Earth when the AllSpark crash-lands on the planet. The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, arrive to protect humanity and prevent the Decepticons from obtaining the AllSpark.

Sam Witwicky, the main protagonist, becomes entangled in the conflict when he purchases a used car that turns out to be the Autobot scout Bumblebee in disguise. He soon discovers that he possesses crucial information engraved on his ancestor’s glasses, a map leading to the location of the AllSpark. The film ends with Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, declaring that the battle is over but the war has just begun, indicating that the Transformers’ presence on Earth will continue and set the stage for future instalments in the franchise.

Fun Fact: Linkin Park’s What I’ve Done served as the end credits track for the film.

IMDb rating: 7.0
Rotten Tomatoes score: 58%


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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

Transformers Movies In Order
Image credit: IMDb

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is the sequel to the first live-action Transformers film and comes fifth in chronological order. The story picks up two years after the events of the first film. The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, have now formed an alliance with the humans, working together to combat Decepticon threats. However, a new danger looms as a resurrected Megatron forms an alliance with the ancient and powerful Fallen, the founder and true leader of the Decepticons who is seeking to harvest the power of a hidden device called the Sun Harvester.

Sam Witwicky is now preparing to go to college when he starts experiencing visions that contain symbols and ancient Cybertronian language. Unknown to him, the symbols are the key to finding the Sun Harvester and hold great importance vis-à-vis the fate of the Transformers and humans. As Sam and his girlfriend Mikaela reunite with the Autobots, they must navigate a web of Decepticon plots, international conspiracies and The Fallen.

The film features intense action sequences, large-scale robot battles and the introduction of new Transformers characters. It also delves deeper into the history and mythology of the Transformers, revealing ancient secrets and the pivotal role humans play in their ongoing conflict.

Fun Fact: Just like the 2007 film, Revenge of the Fallen also features a Linkin Park song, New Divide, over the end credits.

IMDb rating: 5.9
Rotten Tomatoes score: 20%

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

Transformers Movies In Order
Image credit: IMDb

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is the sequel to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, with the story of the film taking place several years after the events of the previous film. Like the previous instalments, the Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, continue to work alongside humans to protect the world from Decepticon threats. However this time around, they discover a shocking revelation regarding the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969. It is revealed that the mission had a hidden purpose, which was to investigate a Cybertronian spacecraft that crashed on the moon. Meanwhile, on Earth, Sam Witwicky is struggling to find his place in the world and gets caught up in the conflict when he discovers a piece of the AllSpark, which contains a cryptic message left by his now-deceased Autobot friend Bumblebee. The film explores themes of betrayal, sacrifice and the true nature of heroism.

IMDb rating: 6.2
Rotten Tomatoes score: 36%

Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

Transformers Movies In Order
Image credit: IMDb

Transformers: Age of Extinction takes place a few years after the events of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The Autobots are now being hunted down by a CIA black ops unit called Cemetery Wind, led by Harold Attinger. Attinger believes that all Transformers are a threat and must be eliminated, including the Autobots who had previously allied with humans.

Cade Yeager, a struggling inventor, discovers a rundown semi-truck in an abandoned theatre. To his surprise, the truck transforms into none other than Optimus Prime. The film then introduces a new threat in the form of the ancient Transformer Galvatron. Featuring large-scale battles, spectacular visual effects and the introduction of Dinobots, the massive Transformers who take the form of robotic dinosaurs, the film was a massive commercial success, grossing over a billion dollars.

IMDb rating: 5.6
Rotten Tomatoes score: 17%

Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)

Image credit: IMDb
Image credit: IMDb

The seventh, and currently last, film in order of chronology is Transformers: The Last Knight. The world is in a state of chaos as the Transformers have now been deemed illegal on Earth, with a war raging between humans and the Transformers. Then there’s the Transformers Reaction Force, led by William Lennox, which is determined to eliminate all Transformers.

On the other hand Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, has left Earth in search of his creator. During his journey, he finds his home planet, Cybertron, in ruins but discovers that it can be restored using an ancient artefact called the Staff which is hidden on Earth. Cade, Viviane and the Autobots, including Bumblebee and new ally Cogman, embark on a mission to find the Staff before the Decepticons and Quintessa. The film also delves into the ancient rivalry between the Transformers and their connection to Earth, exploring the Transformers’ influence on historical events such as World War II and the Arthurian legend. It also reveals that Earth itself is a crucial part of a larger Transformers’ plan.

IMDb rating: 5.2
Rotten Tomatoes score: 16%


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